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Meet Die Asta at Cannes, moderating this year at MIPTV 10th of april, at the MIPCUBE SQUARE, morning session


8.30 -9.30
Producers’ Hub
Foyer Balcon
Grand Audi
Level 3
Women watch more TV than men and spend more time online. They compose 55% of mobile social network users and 70% of the consumer base ... and oversee 82% of consumer spending. Their level of influence has shifted, so how we address them must also. In this special session, we'll discuss what challenges women face as they shoot for greater influence in the industry itself. FKIDS
Jesse Draper, Creator and Host of "The Valley Girl Show."
Draper, once a teenage actress for networks like Nickelodeon, is now CEO of Valley GirlTM, where she runs pre-production, post-production, and distribution of "The Valley Girl Show", where she interviews tech stars like Google Eric Schmidt or Facebook Sheryl Sandberg on a "girly" pink set. The show gets over 2M monthly views across platforms, including Roku, Boxee, iTunes, Mashable, at airports, and on mobile apps. She also runs technology blog Lalawag.com, and has arguably become one of the most influential young women in tech. Along with the show, she recently founded a cross-country organisation that supports women in business.
Françoise Laborde, Commissioner CSA-Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel (French broadcast regulatory body) and President, Association for Women in Media, France

Laborde is an long-established French Journalist, author and television host. She serves as a board member of the French broadcast regulatory body, Conseil superieur de l’audiovisuel, since January 2009. She’s also President of the newly found Association for Women in Media. From 1997 to 2009, she was editor-in-chief of the TV channel France 2, host of the political affairs show Les 4 Vérités, and substitute news anchor.

Kim Moses, Principal, Sander/Moses Productions, SLAM & Creator, The Total Engagement, USA @SanderMoses  I @Slam
Moses produced “The Ghost Whisperer”, later leveraging the brand to produce a companion book and web series. She also developed the Total Engagement Experience, a new business and creative model that positions TV as a jumping-off point for other media on the road to higher ratings and revenue streams. Moses was named on Newsweek’s Women and Leadership Advisory Committee and honoured with the WOMAN IN FILM’s Woman of The Year award. She was a recipient of the Vision Award. @SanderMoses  I @Slam