Die Asta Experience

Asta Wellejus – Interactive pioneer - transmedia developer and producer
Asta Wellejus is an experienced transmedia producer/ developer. She was headhunted by Lars von Trier in 1997 to develop new ways of combining film, theater, role playing and games, Asta co-founded Zentropa Interaction in 1999, producing interactive formats (Films, Games, ARG´s, Alternate Launch, Exhibition, Role plays, and Mobile learning tools etc) In 2007 she founded ”Die Asta Experience" to focus on digital interactive media and audience participation. Markets; Broadcast/ film, NGOS, brands, games, attractions and experimental art. She had produced 30+ interactive formats, from ARG´s for Lars von Trier’s/ Thomas Vinterberg’s titles, to the North sea museum, transforming the whole attraction into an interactive experience on mobile, films, web, installations and augmented reality, to the Globe in COP15, where more than 10.000.000+ users joined the virtual global demonstration over a period of 10 days. In 2011 she worked with Filmcontact North and Hotdogs, in a MEDIA supported project that developed 22 documentaries with interactive features from Europe and North America, one of the projects won the Power to The Pixel prize oct. 2011 for best new media project. Together with Culture Region Funen she runs the ICE projects (Interactive Culture Explorers) which is  collaboration between 12 regional culture institutions to create new learning and experience formats for youth. She is currently developing and producing projects internationally for directors, producers and broadcasters in Spain, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, USA.

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